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  • v1.2
    - Fixed messy messages about kingdom upgraded to new tech level
    - Less religious items in merchants inventories
    - Sailing to New World from Zendar improved. Upon leaving from harbour, 
    you will spawn directly at the ocean to prevent annoying returns to Zendar
    - Bridge battles no longer result in sea battles
    - All glitches removed and fully optimized Vaegir street scenes
    - Fixed dialogue where player thanks himself for giving gift to lord
    - Lords and their parties will show same names now
    - Fixed messy weekly report screen after building personal castle
    - Balance: Acztaoc overall armour, hitpoints and weapons stats 2x stronger
    - Error: 'Invalid opcode -214748364' fixed
    - Fixed own religion in character screen not showing up correctly
    - Now able to use swing attack with Bardiches
    - New option added to stop technological investment
    - Buying slaves now check how much gold you have
    - Fixing not being able to visit multiple street scenes in owned towns
    - Dungeons can be entered from street now
    - Added tournament master for Zendar
    - Added more options like 'Add 1 unit of ...' at construction site
    - Removed items for levies/recruits to prevent weapon switches all time
    - Fixed weekly kingdom budget not showing up upon pressing 'enter'
    - Added spawn points for Acztaoc villages (loot & burn scene)
    - Muskets appearing in shops now
    - Firearms skill is now displayed in character screen
    - Fixed lods of Churburg Armour being strange
    - Now you can find atleast 2 gathering tools in every town
    - Added leg armour to heavy plate armour types
    - ? Fixed party disappearing on map at random times (need to be confirmed)?
    - Balance: lowered rents gaining from residents with 53%.
    - No longer being able to proclaim Calradic Empire multiple times
    - You're completely free in chosing name of kingdom after proclaiming Calradic Empire, without any prefix
    - Turguhn Horde will conquer east of Calradia at once, to prevent bugs
    - Game will check for free room in inventory, before adding colony resources
    - Game will check for free room in inventory upon farming, quarrying and woodcutting too
    - Fixed messy scene of Ryibelet Castle
    - Kartand will never be lost by Turguhns now
    - Fixed crash upon entering hall of lord in Senuzgda
    - Added female leader titles for female player
    - Completely rebalanced armour and helmets to make stats matching their prices

    - 2 types plate armour
    - 3 helmets with plume
    - Jackboots 
    - 6 types of brigandines
    - New names, armour, weapons and faces for companions
    - New companion: Aeric the Navigator

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